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The knight electrical (shenzhen) co., LTD. Is a sino-foreign joint venture enterprise, is headquartered in London, England, the company specialized is engaged in in the cabinet, solid solid tank full set of accessories, SF6 load switch, high-voltage ring net cabinet, high-pressure gas tank, ring network cabinet, cable distribution box research and development, manufacture and sales.

And has established close long-term cooperation relationship with schneider, ABB and other companies.

The company has advanced production equipment, the technical force is strong.

With domestic and foreign first-class high-precision CNC shearing, folding, sheet metal processing center and computer intelligent detection equipment, comprehensive use of computer aided design system, set up multiple design control center;

And in enterprise material management, human resource management and financial management all supporting the management information system.

Based on professional, quality win * 1 is the company adhering to the development train of thought for a long time, the company adopts the method of independent research and development and the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology, establish and improve the system of enterprise products, the company products by west high recognition, and the type testing products are shanxi, hebei, hunan, henan and other power supply system and the switch companies widely used, to obtain consistent high praise.

Innovation, development, cooperation and harmony are the business philosophy of the British people.

In the face of the world's booming electric power industry, the British people will continue to devote to power users

A rigorous, excellent, and efficient product and service, and in the chapter of the glorious development of the human power industry to renew the imprint of the English knight.

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