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Sf6 high pressure gas tank

Sf6 high pressure gas tank


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Sf6 high pressure gas tank

Sf6 gas tank is the indoor ac high pressure gas insulation metal closed switch products!

At the same time SF6 gas tank is the new switch product!

The equipment has reasonable design, compact and can be expanded at the same time, generally used in power distribution automation!

Flexible operation.

Can apply in a variety of special environment, the needs of different customers can provide the best technical solution, aeration tank with the most advanced sensor technology and the use of protective relay, absolute can achieve any the needs of different customers!

The SF6 inflatable tank can be widely used in small secondary substation, open and closed, box-type substation, residential area, mining, shopping mall, subway, airport and other places and special places!

The knight electric (shenzhen) co., LTD. In domestic is engaged in the sf6 gas cabinets professional manufacturers, the company has many years of sf6 gas tank production experience, at the same time the company is in the country have influence of aeration tank company!

And all products are through the advanced equipment and the professional technical personnel's strict control, guaranteed the product's absolute high quality!

Let customer choose SF6 inflatable cabinet to be assured, save the heart!

The company has been developing many industries such as metallurgy, ship, aerospace, mine, electric power, hospital, university and so on.

And provide complete equipment and electrical control equipment!

The company is constantly innovating, constantly developing new products, and striving to provide the best products and perfect services for the customers.

Environmental conditions for the use of SF6 high pressure gas tank

: a, ambient air temperature 40 ℃, the highest (average no more than 35 ℃ for 24 h), minimum 25 ℃;

B. Altitude: no more than 3000m (over 3000m);

C. Air humidity: the mean value of daily relative humidity is not greater than 95%, and the average monthly relative humidity is not greater than 90%.

D. The electromagnetic interference induced by the secondary system is not more than 1.6 kv.