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GTXGN-12 smart solid insulation cabinet

GTXGN-12 smart solid insulation cabinet


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GTXGN-12 smart solid insulation cabinet


The insulation of the sulfur hexafluoride gas due to the really good phase arcing performance, at present has been widely used in high voltage electrical appliances. Production of sulfur hexafluoride gas 50% used in electric power industry, 80% of them used in high voltage switch equipment. Home run more than 90% of whole sealing ring network cabinet by sulfur hexafluoride gas as insulating medium.

However, this gas is an important source of air pollution, which is an important pollution source of atmospheric environment, which seriously damages the survival of human beings.

The Kyoto protocol specifies that the SF6 gas is one of six greenhouse gases.

In the national hazardous waste list, which was promulgated and implemented in 1998, SF6 gas has been included in the list of hazardous wastes.

The SF6 gas molecular earth warming system is 2.4 million to 26,000 times that of the earth warming system of the gas molecules in the C02. According to statistics, the SF6 gas in the power distribution system has exceeded the power of the gas.

Equivalent 1.2. FZ nap C02 emissions.

The life of SF6, which lives in the atmosphere for 3400 years, has affected the human living environment for hundreds of generations, far exceeding the adverse effects of CO2 gas.

The gas concentration of SF6 in the atmosphere is in a straight line, which is attracting more and more attention from the international community.

Because of the ratio, use or use SF6 gas as far as possible, vigorously promote new technology and substitute products, has become the high voltage switch production, use the industry of the consensus of the people.

Our company follows the principle of using little or no SF6 gas, and independently developed the gtxgn-12 solid insulation cabinet on the basis of systematic investigation, study and reference of similar products from other countries.

GTXGGN -12 intelligent solid insulation cabinet is 3.6-12kv, three-phase ac 50Hz, single bus and single bus segmented system of complete switchgear.

This switch meets the requirements of iec 298, gb3906-2006, GB1984, etc. The switches and main components are integrated modules, and the interphase conductance is a solid insulation package.

The outer surface of the insulation parts of the main components can be coated with the semiconductor shielding layer according to the user's requirements, so that the electrostatic induction can be eliminated.

Because of the ratio, the use of the security madam to improve. High pressure

The operating mechanism of the circuit breaker adopts the spring mechanism or permanent magnet mechanism, and the mechanical life is 10000 times. All the operation data and equipment condition can realize remote monitoring and monitoring, which can be unmanned

It is a superior power distribution device.

It has the characteristics of simple structure, flexible operation, reliable interlocking, convenient installation and so on. It can provide satisfactory technical solutions for different applications

Sense technology, automatic control technology, information technology, combined with the advanced technical performance and simple and flexible assembly plan, to meet the ever-changing market demand, and is suitable for the intelligent power grid requirements.

The ring network cabinet is suitable for 50HZ, 12 dry power system, widely used in industrial and civil cable network and network terminal project.

The acceptance and distribution of electricity as the use of drama is suitable for urban residential distribution, small secondary substations, that open and close, cable branch box, box-type substation, industrial and mining enterprises, shopping malls, airport, subway, wind power, hospital, stadium, railway, tunnel, etc.

Due to the advantages of full insulation, full seal and full shielding, the series is suitable for use in areas with high altitude, high temperature, wet heat, severe cold and serious pollution.