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Solid insulated ring cabinet

Solid insulated ring cabinet


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1. Overview of the solid insulated ring cabinet:

Is a kind of solid sealing sets, insulated busbar and composition unit miniaturization three technology at an organic whole, switch and high-voltage live parts adopt the whole casting of epoxy resin, epoxy resin enclosed as a charged body and the ground for a new type of power distribution equipment and insulation.

The solid insulation ring net cabinet does not emit any toxic substances, no leakage explosion and the hidden danger of internal combustion arc, it has the characteristics of high insulation performance, high overall strength and no maintenance.

Solid insulation ring network cabinet according to different configuration, which can realize the breaking load current, open circuit, short circuit current, dual power supply into line manually, and fault protection, automatic switch, electrical flow of the small current grounding system of single-phase grounding protection, communications, and other functions.

The composition and principle of the solid insulation ring network cabinet:

1. Composition of the solid insulated ring cabinet:

V unit (circuit breaker unit)

Unit C (load switch unit)

F unit (composite electrical unit)

Note: each unit can be used separately or freely. Its structure is divided into instrument room, operating mechanism and part.

Instrument room can be equipped with microcomputer protection device (controller), the agency for special spring operating mechanism, a part of the gel process, using the APG automatic switch and arcing chamber completely enclosed in the epoxy resin, and a special joint is connected to a bus.


2. Product features of solid insulated ring cabinets:

Arcing chamber design switch to choose the arcing chamber adopts special copper and chrome contactor material, type R and longitudinal magnetic field contactor, and complete a sealing process, the arcing chamber breaking short circuit current capacity and stability, electrical life, temperature rise and the insulation level is taught before the arcing chamber (copper and aluminum contactor material, cup shape and longitudinal magnetic field contactor structure, and incomplete a sealing process) was obviously improved.


Operating mechanism design institutions cooperate with switch spring operation of  isolating switch and main switch spring operation mechanism as a whole, can be convenient to realize interlock, less cutting mechanism parts.

Reduces unnecessary transmission link, high reliability and can be equipped with manual and electric operation according to user needs.


A part of the process design switch a part adopts automatic gel process, the conductive loop of APG is completely enclosed in the epoxy resin, and the three phase separation, the design fully consider the national standard and cruel environment with other relevant requirements, the use of the flood control type can touch the plug, and microcomputer protection to realize the whole sealing, insulation, free maintenance, miniaturization, intelligent power distribution requirements.


Solid insulation ring network cabinet implements the green environmental protection, no impurity, small volume, safe and reliable and intelligent combination of free maintenance of a new generation of products, its single unit width 400 mm, 750 mm, 1140 mm high, can be used alone can also and cabinet, is the perfect combination of vacuum technology and insulation technology, the arcing completely replaced the SF6 gas insulation performance, and meet the national electrical products reduce exhaust pollution of the chang's request.


Development trend: solid insulation ring net cabinet replaces SF6 ring net cabinet.

Iii. Main technical parameters of the product:

Characteristic parameter V unit C unit F unit

Rated voltage (kV) 12 12 12

Rated frequency (Hz) 50 50 50

Rated current (A) 630 630 630

Rated short circuit breaking current (kA) 31.5/31.5

Rated cable charging current (A) / 10 10

Rated short-term tolerable current (kA) 31.5 20 /

Rated short term tolerable time (S) 3 3 /

Rated peak withstand current (kA) 80 50 /

Rated short circuit closing current (peak) (kA) 80 50 /

Rated open transfer current (A) / / 3150